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Sequel to Safe House in the works

The sequel to my novel “Safe House” is starting to take shape and I figure why not share this amazing news with the one or two folks who frequent my blog (what would I do without you?). Wait a minute. I’m usually one of those two folks so to that other brilliant stranger out there- a million thanks. Anyway, I’m going to keep this blog updated with tidbits of the journey as I write the next installment of occult detective Marissa Okison’s adventures.  I’m thinking this time out Ms. Okison will be even more in over her head and may have to make an appointment with someone she probably wishes never to see again. Or maybe she ditches the occult detective biz and gets a job as an Uber driver. Now that would be a truly horrific tale. Stay tuned friends ( or should I say friend? Fiend? Let’s keep it at stranger.)

New Interview from Just The EM Words

Check out my interview with the other E.M.Kaplan ( no relation, but amazing author of Unmasked and the Josie Tucker series) over at her website. Check out my new mystery novella “Back in Crime” available now on Amazon.BackInCrime-189x300 SafeHouse-200x300

“Back in Crime” available on Kindle 7/5/2015


My new novella, “Back in Crime” will be released on Kindle on July 5, 2015. For a limited time the story will be free so download a copy and let me know what you think.

About “Back in Crime“: Troubled private investigator Jay Bixby is determined to find the man who killed the love of his life. Colden Corset is a sadistic killer intent on revisiting his past to carry out his revenge. Traveling through space and time, these two men were destined to meet and have their fates intertwined by going back in crime.



Way Out in the Sticks

A short story recently submitted to the contest. Check it out and vote for it here: