Strange and Suspenseful Fiction to Read with the Skeletons in your closet

The Safe House

The Safe House is available now on Kindle

Feel free to contact me for a free copy for review

Praise for The Safe House:

“Fans of horror will be drawn in by the fresh, new premise of The Safe House. This is no horror re-tread.
The author paints his every-day joe characters with energetic, fast-moving prose and natural-sounding dialog that may remind you of Stephen King. As the screws tighten on the tension and violence escalates, a strong, interesting main character emerges who’ll have you routing for her in the end. I’m looking forward to seeing what adversaries Marissa Okison faces in the future.” Review by Emily Kaplan
“Had me from beginning to end! Just when I thought I had everything figured out, I didn’t. Very well-written, I felt like I was in the story instead of just reading it.” Review on Amazon by Anna Fuentez
“An excellent story, out of work vulnerable people, a main liner, and a student start work in an occult book store. A bored detective joins an occult detective agency. There’s a link. It’s messy and deadly though.” Review by Mr. George G.A. Wensley

About The Safe House:

Former police officer Marissa Okison lands a job as an apprentice to Roger Ammaris, the area’s only occult detective. Annie Noonan and Brad Tolinksy are post-grads who can’t find a job until they stumble into the Safe House Bookstore and meet owner Barbara Corbin, whose expertise in witchcraft goes far beyond the bookshelves. Can a coven of witches unleash hell on earth or will an underprepared occult detective put a stop to the madness and mayhem causing women throughout the city to kill every male in sight? Find out where the terror lies in the Safe House.

Click here to check it out.

I’m a Chicago based writer passionate about the occult, strange happenings and overall weirdness that steps out of the norm. My new book, “Safe House” is available now on Amazon. When not writing into the dawn I can be found hanging out with the skeletons in your closet.

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