Strange and Suspenseful Fiction to Read with the Skeletons in your closet


E.M.Kaplan is a Chicago-based writer with a passion for strange and suspenseful stories that dabble (or dive head first) in horror, the occult and overall weirdness. When not writing into the dawn E.M.Kaplan can be found hanging out with the skeletons in your closet.

Check out the supernatural novel, “The Safe House“, about an occult bookstore run by witches intent on unleashing hell throughout Chicago and the novice occult detective trying to stop the madness.

Back in Crime” is available now. Time travel, 1960s Chicago and a hard-boiled private detective merge into a story full of violence, unrequited love, second chances and a demented serial killer dead set on not fixing the past, but making it worse.

The Condolence Screener” is now available. This sequel to “The Safe House” finds occult detective Marisa Okison caught between the living and the dead as a coven of witches seek her out for reasons she could never imagine.

Check out my website for news at Follow me on Twitter at @emkap666


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