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The Condolence Screener is on Amazon

Time to send this out into the world finally. The Condolence Screener, a followup to The Safe House, is now available on Amazon.

The Condolence Screener:

As the events of the Safe House continue to haunt Marissa Okison, the occult detective takes a job as a condolence screener for a nationwide obituary memorial website. Soon after strange entries from the dead appear on Marissa’s screen igniting her curiosity and plunging her yet again deep the into the twisted world of Barbara Corbin and her coven of witches.
James DeGard is eagerly anticipating the arrival of his wife Lois, but she never arrives at the train station. A mentally ill man who the neighborhood kids call the Trance Man feels the dead speaking through his fingertips and it’s killing him. Two sorority girls are missing and the emergence of a new coven has the feel of the dead Barbara Corbin all over it. Read how these tales intersect causing Marissa Okison to once again head into the depths of witchcraft in the Condolence Screener.
Feel free to request a copy for review.

The Condolence Screener Cover

It took a while but finally found a cover for my new book, “The Condolence Screener,” coming out this April. Check back soon for more updates.


The Condolence Screener is Finished

Just finished editing The Condolence Screener, which is a sequel to my first book The Safe House. This time out Marissa Okison, our reluctant occult detective, is trying to move on from the events of The Safe House. She finds herself a gig working as a condolence screener for an online obituary service and it doesn’t take long for strange things to fall into her lap yet again. In addition to locking horns with witches and gangsters on the streets of Chicago, Marissa is trying to find out who is leaving online condolence messages not just for the dead, but from the dead.

Look for The Condolence Screener to hit Kindle in February.

The Condolence Screener: The Sequel to The Safe House

So it’s looking like the title for the sequel to The Safe House will be (drum roll please) The Condolence Screener. Of course this is subject to change, but it’s looking like this title is the one. I’ll keep everyone (that is me, my imaginary friends and my Mom) updated on when The Condolence Screener featuring another Marisa Okison Occult Detective Tale will be released. In the meantime, check out The Safe House and my other novel, Back In Crime, which are both available on Amazon. Feel free to contact me for a free ebook copy of either novel to review. Until the next time,